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Content and service vendors: How WorldCat Registry helps you

You can benefit from the WorldCat Registry if you are:
  • A publisher, host or agency in the electronic content supply chain
  • A vendor of systems or services such as ILS/catalog, ERM or ILL

Does your organization provide services to libraries or library consortia? You can improve the quality of your services with the up-to-date, open-access information and complementary Web services at the heart of the WorldCat Registry.

The WorldCat Registry is a Web-based directory of libraries. Registry profiles contain details about the physical and electronic location of institutions, the relationships between them and the services they provide. Its verified data is drawn from many sources and kept current through an extensive social network of librarians and other information professionals.

Key benefits

The Registry creates enhanced service delivery opportunities and reduces costs for you and your customers. You're able to:

  • Augment what you offer with library content and services
    Electronic database and content services can give users more options, connecting them to supplemental, institution-based knowledge. Web-based services, particularly those that rely on socially compiled information, can add links to vetted, authoritative knowledge and online reference help desks.
  • Automate the management of relationships
    Registry data helps your back-office functions be instantly informed of changes in library service details, such as IP address ranges, or administrative personnel. You provide the best service experience for your institutional customers.
  • Have unambiguous identification of institutions and their components
    WorldCat Registry gives a unique and persistent identifier to every institution, every branch and every department. Electronic publishers can use this data to streamline the service delivery chain, preventing problems with recognition of eligible renewals, slow order processing and fulfillment, and interruptions in service.
  • Enhance marketing research
    Contact and other information in institutional profiles can help you understand and reach the right institutions and the right people in your target market.

Ways to use

There are three ways content and service vendors can interact with the WorldCat Registry:

  • Search the Registry for the basic information available to any information seeker.
  • Encourage your institutional customers to complete a Registry profile. You'll receive an "obfuscated" (encoded) link via e-mail that gives you read-only access to their complete profile. Load this link into your customer service tracking system so staff have ready access to information that can help them troubleshoot problems without a call to the institution. (These read-only linked profiles will soon be RSS-capable, so you can monitor them for updates with common "aggregator" applications or RSS-enabled Web sites, Web browsers and e-mail clients.)
  • Use the Web services available through the OCLC Developer Network. Registry Web services can be used freely for non-commercial purposes. Commercial partners are encouraged to contact OCLC to obtain access.