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Consortia managers: How WorldCat Registry helps you

Feel as though you spend too much time managing your subscriptions to electronic content? A large or midsize consortium may provide its users access to hundreds of online databases and thousands of electronic journals hosted on dozens of sites.

To keep these services active, electronic resource professionals typically have to visit 30 or more vendor applications to maintain identifying information about your members, using many different tools. Worse still, staff at member institutions may first have to register their identity data with the group, which often is then re-keyed or submitted into vendor interfaces by consortium staff.

WorldCat Registry can ease the administrative burden across your group. On an open, Web-based platform, the Registry allows you to:

  • Create a master consortia profile—attached to a unique, persistent identifier—that is always up-to-date and is easily and securely
  • referenced by content providers, other vendors and your member institutions
  • Keep electronic service data applicable to the entire group (such as IP addresses, shared catalogs and OpenURL servers) in one place
  • Associate members' individual Registry profiles with the group's, and see status of members' profiles at-a-glance
  • Let profile data and member associations automate routine tasks such as activation or renewal of subscription content services across your consortium

Your Registry profile holds many other kinds of identifying and administrative information, such as statistics and personnel contacts, that can help centralize information sharing within your group. Profiles will soon be RSS-capable, so smaller consortia and their members can subscribe to them as feeds and monitor changes in real time.

And the Registry's WorldCat connection means some of your profile data is syndicated through APIs and popular Web sites such as Your content and services get greater visibility in the places where information seekers start to search.

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